Human intelligence as a service

Our minds can be considered as computation devices, which can perform calculations that other computers can't.

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Trained Human Minds

Our expertly trained human minds provide intellectual services for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

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Our Human Intelligences

Use our Human Intelligences to train and test you Artificial Intelligences and Deep Learning models.

Solving Deep Learning Data Problems

Many techniques have been developed to help Machine Learning cope with lack of high quality data. We decided to just get more data.


High Quality Data is Expensive

Our global membership gets you what you need in the quantities you need. Our bussines model is to licence and re-licence this data which keeps your costs LOW.


Deep Learning Needs lots of Data

No matter your deep learning needs, everything is always better with more high quality training data.


Machine Intelligences are too Specialised

Unlike machine learning models which are trained to do specific tasks very well, our minds are inherently adaptable, use our services to train multiple models and move us towards generalised machine intelligence.


Copyright Abuse is Illegal

Every image you use that you obtain without the licence holder's permission carries a $100,000 copyright liability. All our data is clean, legally as well as curated to your requirements.

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Curated Machine Learning Datasets

Don't spend your valuable time building and cleaning your own datasets.


Microwork photographers are located all over the world, they are in the field every day and take photos of objects for machine learning models.

Photos in our datasets have high variety, no object is captured more than three times and only from significantly different angles.

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Bounding Boxes

Microwork members draw accurate, tight bounding boxes around objects in images.

Bounding boxes are annotated and classified according to taxonomies. Use our taxonomies or create your own.

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Segmentation Masks

Microwork designers are image editing experts and create "pixel-perfect" segmentation masks by hand.

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Other Products

We have lots of products and we're still building new ones.

Image Keywording

Educated and Experienced members and detailed research gives the best humanly possible keywords.

Emotion Detection

Emotions are classified into one of Plutchik's 24 emotions. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

3D Modelling

Create artificial images with 3d models. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.


Custom styles, such as comic book or noir. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Image Verification

Basic Human Computation. Access our eyes, brains, memories and thoughts through our Human Machine Interfaces

We have free datasets ready for you

Corporate Logos

Contains images, bounding boxes and segmentation masks

5 brands, 20 images each


Contains images only

100 images of food from microwork photographers


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